High performance solvent-based wood stain protects and decorates soft and hardwoods exposed to weather conditions, also in interior, especially: planed wood, saw timber, garden furniture, wooden wall panelling and ceilings, fences, cottages and wooden houses. It contains transparent iron oxide pigments. The coating is highly decorative and enhances beauty of wood. Water-repellent finish protects against UV radiation. The wood stain doesn´t flow down when applied and it has excellent linking on large surfaces.


Wood has to be clean, dry, rubbed down in grain direction and dust off with humidity max 12 %. Excessive resin (larch and pine) has to be stripped by thinner C6000. Quality and durability of coat depends on wood treatment.
It is recommended to treat the exterior wood against mould, fungi and insects by LAZUROL FUNGICIDAL IMPREGNATION S1033 or LAZUROL FUNGI, for interior colourless LAZUROL CLASSIC S1023. Than surface sands by fine sandpaper, dust off and apply wood stain.
Remove all poorly adhering old coats to the solid surface when renovate.

THINNER S6006 for washing tools


Properly mix before use. It shouldn´t be thinned, it is ready to use.
Minimum temperature for application is 7 °C. Apply 2-3 coats in wood direction, second coat after 6 hours. Sand previous is possible after 24 hours. Colour shades are intermixable. Apply by brush for wood stains with natural fibre, roller for varnishes and wood stains (MOLTOPREN).

COVERAGE 17 mper litre

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